I am a 34 year old man living in Southwest Missouri with my wife and my Lhasa Apso, Magnum.  I starting gaining weight in the third grade and have watched myself grow to new, horrific heights on the scale until my scale couldn’t keep up anymore.  I decided to create a blog because I don’t want anyone to hear my story after the fact and feel inspired for a few minutes. I want to join with others and walk this road together.  The best time to join any journey is at the beginning – so jump on board with me and lets find forever together.

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  1. Hi, I’ve been a YL member for 2 years. My goal was to find a “cure” for my husband’s Psoriasis/eczema but I’ve not been successful in making it a “memory”. Would you please share your “recipe” with us. I am confident that YL oils are the solution, I just haven’t found the right combination. Thanks

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    1. I dont know how I missed this comment! I have had to do a variety of things to help. I have had to use lavender lotion and Thieves dish soap religiously. Also, I have had to get rid of commercial soaps in every other area of my life, too. I use goat milk soap in the shower and Thieves/Lavender hand soaps around the house.


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