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God, it’s a 14639847_181386232315476_5366285076460421272_nbeautiful Saturday here in my little Missouri town!  The sun is shining, the temperature is in the 70s, and there’s just enough wind to counteract any excess heat that may still be making its way through our atmosphere on this magnificent October day.  But wait?  This post is supposed to be about progress, right?  Well, I was inspired to write this random post based on the fact that I even know this information at all!

You see, dear reader, my Saturdays used to be spent only doing mandatory activities and hiding away from the world.  However, my Saturdays have been tremendously different over the past month and a half.  With the pride that I have in myself, my self-esteem and energy levels have skyrocketed.   I’m proud that I’m making these changes and that I know they are going to lead to the desired changes I want in my weight, as well. The result?  I have access to information that I otherwise would not have had until I got up the energy to step outside for my first cigarette.

Over the past several weeks, however, I’ve been out EXPERIENCING our weather.  Fall festivals, shopping, going to the park, going out for nice dinners with my wife, hanging out in public with friends, walking through a haunted corn maze, and even HOUSEHOLD CHORES are things that I’ve gained back while on this journey to healthy living.  I’m regaining things that I had lost or given up with a direct connection to my weight, low energy, and poor health choices.

We are starting week seven in our journey tomorrow 14642042_10154473251715856_4467704680970546831_nand my weight loss has slowed from the leaps and bounds that I have been seeing to a slower, but healthy, pace.  Despite the fact that I know what my goals are, seeing a lower number on the scale still created doubt (more on that later in what was supposed to be my second post) and discouragement. Today, though, as I blasted through today’s activities, I was amazed at both the MENTAL and PHYSICAL progress that I have made over this past six weeks.

This journey isn’t about the number of pounds I need to lose.  It’s about being able to wear my wedding ring again, being able to live life without back and sciatic pain, getting out into the community, and EXPERIENCING my life while I’m still young enough to enjoy it.  Please don’t let the number on the scale be your primary method of measuring the value of improved healthy choices. It really is about so much more!

I’m so grateful for anyone that takes the time to read my blog.  If you enjoy it, please let me know you’ve been here (like, comment, or follow).  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts regarding progress and motivation for a journey to a healthier lifestyle.  For now, though, it’s back to taking my life back…

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It’s time to start living my life!

me1Ever sat on the couch and watched an inspirational story of someone that lost 100 pounds, quit smoking, kicked the alcohol, and thought, “That would be so amazing!”?  I have… a hundred million times.  Three months ago, I was an extremely defeated man that had just about every negative vice you could imagine.  I loved nicotine, alcohol, and food!  Can anyone spell death?  I could, “M…e…”  At over 450 pounds, I was smoking, drinking, and eating myself to death.

Despite the increasing difficulty that I experienced in everyday life, I continued with my negative choices and found myself not really caring whether I would wake up in the morning or not.  My weight continued to balloon and back aches, sciatic problems, and an inability to reach my feet became my norm.  My sedentary lifestyle became worse as it was easier to stay home and play XBOX than going out into public where I was faced with disgusted glances, uncomfortable seating, and shortness of breath whenever I had to walk more than a few feet.

About eight weeks ago, I was enjoying a Marlboro Light when I had an epiphany, “Would I ever purchase 20 small vials of poison from a distributor if I knew that the contents would taste good, but slowly kill me?”  Of course I wouldn’t!  So why was I buying cigarettes?  I mean, seriously!?  I have been paying a company to slowly poison me while having the knowledge that these little bastards would eventually steal my life?  I never bought another pack.  Fast forward two weeks and I had a similar experience with food.  Why was I paying a company for food that I know is unhealthy for me and is making my obesity problem worse?

So, here I sit tonight, with it being eight me2weeks since my last cigarette and five weeks since I quit drinking alcohol, gave up soda completely, and started making choices with my nutrition that are working to save my life.  Is it working?  Well, my last recorded weight was 419.6 pounds and I’ve never felt better.

How am I doing it?  For now, I’ll say that I’m eating different foods and counting my calories and a few select macros…  My biggest key is that my wife has been taking this journey with me.

Why a blog?  I don’t know what the hell I am doing, but I don’t want to be a success story that you hear about after I’m done that inspires a few seconds of hope.  I want to be a Work In Progress that inspires the beginning of a journey.  So, despite the fact that I’ve probably already broken a lot of blogging rules, I’m at the start of a very long journey and I hope someone finds this blog and is encouraged to take this journey with me.

What’s the goal?  I’m in this for the long haul.  I want to reach a healthy weight for my height/age/gender.  There will be a lot of challenges.  It has been one thing to learn what my body needs to loose weight and it will be another challenge to learn what my body will need to maintain a healthy weight.

If you are interested, attempting, contemplating, or finishing weight loss, please leave me a comment and bookmark this site.  For now, though, it’s back to taking my life back…

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