Too Busy for Healthy Eating?

Less than eight weeks ago, I weighed 450 pounds.  Today, I weigh in at 417.4 pounds.  The question I keep getting asked is, “What’s your secret?”  I’m not working out.  I’m not starving myself.  I’m not on any pills or “vitamins” to assist with weight loss and I’m not on any crash diet.  The secret is:  six weeks ago my wife and I decided to make changes to our lifestyle that are both sustainable and long term.

2016-10-23-18.56.13.jpg.jpgUnfortunately, the pace of our lives does not support the changes that we have made.  Both of us have professional jobs and work very odd hours throughout the week.  So, I understand when anyone tells me, “I just don’t have time for all that.”  However, understanding doesn’t mean I agree.  Let me tell you something, everybody has excuses, but none of them are really any good.  Today, my wife suggested that I share a couple tips that we have learned along the way to make things as easy as possible.

  • Plan ahead.
    • Take the time to plan out your meals (including calories, fats, protein, carbohydrates, etc.) for the week.  If you know what you are going to eat and that’s what you have available, you put a bridal on all that emotional eating and spontaneous snacking.
  • Shop weekly.
    • My wife and I go shopping every Sunday.  While this may lead to a temptation to spend MORE on food than normal if you are used to shopping less often, it will help to keep the frozen stuff to a minimum.  Fresh meats, vegetables, and fruit all equate to quicker preparation and BETTER TASTE.   Get in the habit of having a good idea how your week of meals is going to look and buy the things you NEED, not the things that look good.
  • Eat more food.
    • Emotional eating and spontaneous snacking can be incredibly damaging to a healthy lifestyle.  My wife and I eat three meals and two snacks every day.  We are aware of the calories we want to have for each of those five food interactions and how that food is going to impact our bodies.  When I started this, I vowed I would find a way to do it without being hungry.  Thanks to fresh vegetables and a finding better relationships with protein and carbs, we have taught ourselves  how to eat foods that fill us up and keep us feeling energized throughout the day.
  • Prepare… Everything… Early…
    • After our Sunday afternoon trip to the grocery store, my wife and I take the time to sit down and chop, weigh, and separate into lunch or snack bags all of our snacks for the week.  Whether we are getting our lunch together in the morning or we are grabbing a snack while still around the house, it’s READILY available for us to grab and go.  By limiting access to unhealthy snacks and placing2016-10-23-19.10.44.jpg.jpg

      healthy snacks at our fingertips, we enable ourselves to stay on track throughout the busy week.

  • Prepare… Everything… Early!
    • OK… maybe this isn’t a separate recommendation at all, but I did this to highlight the importance of this habit in keeping us on track.  In addition to preparing our snacks for the week, we also take the time to cut, weigh, and prepare our chicken for the first several days of the week.  By having fresh ground beef and pre-cooked chicken in the refrigerator, we are able to have 90% of our meals on the dinner table in just about six minutes.  Thanks to this habit, we are able to have a plethora of healthy options to carry us through through lunch on Friday  which leaves open the option for a nice evening out or making a fresh dinner together at home to finish out our crazy week.

Life is busy and it seems that we are always needed somewhere other than the place we most want to be.  However, we are learning new ways every day to make healthy eating fast and sustainable despite our hectic lives.  We hope you’ll find our tips useful and begin to adapt these tips to your own life.  We also hope you’ll share the tips you’ve learned with us. For now, though, it’s back to taking my life back…

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6 thoughts on “Too Busy for Healthy Eating?

  1. These are important tips and clearly demonstrate a path that reduces emotional eating while limiting unhealthy choices. When you set yourself up to win it shouldn’t be very surprising that SUCCESSFUL ACHIEVEMENT is the end result.

    Everyone has the ability to create EXCUSES that lead to recurring FAILURES. Everyone also has the ability to face challenges and SUCCEED when they confront their “demons” and determine their SELF WORTH is greater than cheese doodles, pizza, diabetes, cardiac disease and yes, even obesity.

    Keep sharing your messages. They are important and will impact the lives of many readers!

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    1. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I’ve always seen the stories of people who lost the weight and thought, “That’s amazing!” I never thought I could do it, though. It felt more like a miracle than an achievable accomplishment. I’m hoping to show others that it isn’t a miracle.

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  2. This is very important. Sadly it isn’t something that I do, but it is a great thing to do. I use the excuse that healthy food isn’t in my budget. I will never understand why organic, healthy things have to cost four times more than the regular slab of meat loaded in preservatives and god only knows what else.

    What do you and your wife buy that makes it easier to keep your budget on track??

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    1. I’m actually going to post on that. We experienced a significant increase in food costs at first, but we have carved it down each week to where we are spending about the same amount on food as before the change. To be honest, though, we end up saving so much money because we never eat out now.

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  3. Great tips! I’m a firm believer in planning ahead… and I make sure that occasions out don’t derail my choice to live a healthy lifestyle. I always read the menu ahead of time (when I’m not really hungry and able to smell the options available) and make my choices before I get to the restaurant. I then stick firm to what I want to have and don’t even look at the menu again 🙂

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    1. That’s awesome! I think I need to take the time to develop go-to options for when I’m out and about. So far, I’ve been able to live mostly in a self-contained food bubble, but life doesn’t always work like that, does it?

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