My moobs are uneven…

If you, dear reader, need to know anything about me at all, it’s that I’m incredibly awkward.  What can I say?  It’s really a gift born out of a combination of humor and my relationship with tact.  Speaking of tact, you should probably know I lack it.  I’m terrible at not giving someone very honest, unfiltered, and insensitive thoughts which often makes things uncomfortable and awkward.  Maybe that’s why I’ve decided to direct my thoughts about this journey to a blog page rather than at my friends and family?  I’ll try to save the ones that are left!

That said, my moobs are uneven.  Gross, huh?  I noticed this in the mirror the other day and, to your benefit, I will not be adding a picture with which to highlight this newly-encountered quirk in my body.  You’re welcome.   However, this bizarre development is very symbolic of the stage I am in with weight loss/healthier living.  Nobody ever tells  you what a clusterf…. train wreck losing weight can be.

About the time you start to feel comfortable with your progress and decisions, you come across an article or video that sends you reeling into a wave of doubt and uncertainty.  Seriously, folks!  Why does weight loss or the pursuit of health have to be so confusing and why in the world does everyone seem to have conflicting information?  I just want to get healthy, not conduct a friggin’ chemistry experiment!

Maybe I should commit to not watching videos or reading the opinions of the “experts” and focus only on listening to my body and my doctor?  There’s a brilliant thought!  Nobody can know my body better than I do and I’m done with generalities and hypotheses from people that have never cracked 200 pounds – let alone 450!  Despite the fact that there is a multitude of articles and YouTube videos that contradict me, counting calories and being responsible with the calories that I am consuming is working for me.

What do you think, reader?  Have you encountered this confusing and infuriating crap-ton of conflicting information available on our glorious world wide web?  Ever encountered an article or video that directly contradicts changes that you’ve confidently made?  Ever step on the scale, see a lower number than expected, and a sudden flash of an old video creeps up in your mind to make you feel uncertain about how you should proceed?  Let me know in the comments below.

For now, though, it’s back to taking my life back…

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