Greetings, readers, from the medium that I have come to think of as home.  Welcome to my comfort zone.  Regardless of my goal for openness and honesty, my blog has become my shelter where I can share openly from in a way that feels safe to me.  Just a little bit ago, however, I tried on a new platform as I was challenged to step outside of my comfort zone. Today, I embraced Facebook Live.  Yes, everyone, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I spent a few minutes giving some tips to a weight loss group I am in.  These tips were largely drawn from a post I shared earlier on this blog about preparing at the beginning of the week to enable a successful week of eating.  It was odd and uncomfortable, but I jumped in and gave it all I had.

This week has seemed to focus on one thing:  challenge.  Oddly enough, this challenge has all seemed to come from one source (ahem… AMY!!!!… ahem).  Despite my overwhelming success in the area of weight loss, Amy took it upon herself to encourage me to seriously make a full-hearted run at winning the weight wp-1485141516049.jpgloss competition that I have entered.  Unlike everyone else, I’m well into this process and I’m not getting those impressive first week numbers.  I’m losing at a steady pace and the introduction of the weight loss competition went almost unnoticed.  This also led to a rather passive participation in the competition.  Maybe I didn’t really believe I had a shot since I won’t be losing those big numbers.

However, Amy sent me a message and asked how she could encourage me to start doing exercise as a part of my weight loss.  She also did a live video demonstrating some exercises she is incorporating as a way for her to get moving and try and loose those pounds for the competition.  People… you never get to choose when inspiration strikes.  For me, when I saw Amy and her workout partner, Amanda, struggling with these exercises on LIVE VIDEO, I realized that 1)I’m not the only person that is out of shape and finds exercise exhausting, 2)they had the courage to do these exercises on LIVE VIDEO as a way of encouraging our team and 3)I had no more excuses to hide behind.

This week, Amy challenged me to step out of my comfort zone with weight loss.  I’d love to wp-1485141480076.pngtell you how miraculous the results are, but I haven’t dropped any impressive numbers.  I can, however, tell you the increased level of energy and the joy of accomplishment I have felt as I racked up  10.59 miles on the road this week.  To ensure that I continue to work at this goal, I have registered in my first 5k run.  It is in Springfield, MO, on April 22, 2017, and I would love for anyone to come out and join us!  Message me if you’d like to join our team!

It has been these challenges that have encouraged me to push further, press deeper, and work harder at the goals that I have had up to this point.  I want to loose this weight, but I also want to win this competition.  I may not get those big numbers that the newbies are seeing, but I have one thing they haven’t got:  four months of consistency.  This isn’t a crash diet or short-term commitment.  This is a real life change and I’ve settled into a stride that keeps me consistently losing weight at a very healthy pace.  This week, however, I found a way to increase my efforts as I seek to be the top male in my age group.  I want to win and I’m going to work for it.

Similarly, though, I have felt the need to increase my efforts with this blog, as well.  I want to reach out to those that want to lose weight and show almost every single one of them that there is someone who is worse off than them that is doing this successfully.  I want to be in contact with every person that is discouraged or passively dreaming that they didn’t have to struggle with the excess weight that impacts everything from their daily self-care rituals to their mobility or self-esteem.  I don’t think I can do that making one post a week.

I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to do it, yet, but I am going to be increasing my efforts with this blog, too.  I started this to be a community of support for those that are wanting or striving to lose weight.  If I want that goal to be realized, I’m going to have to work at this goal more intentionally.  I am committing to adding one more blog post per week.  Up until now, I’ve posted mainly once per week on the weekend.  Now, however, I am going to post once on the weekend and once on Wednesday mornings.  I have several other ideas, but I’m not ready to commit to any of them just yet.

For now, though, it’s back to taking my life back…

  • September 11, 2016: 450+pounds
  • Today: 369.6 pounds
  • Total loss  80.4 pounds (30.1% of my total excess body weight)

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5 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Beware – running is addictive. I hated it when I first tried and I only ‘ran’ a few metres before I had to walk again, but now I love it and am frustrated when I’m unable to go out for a run. It’s also a great way of socialising with others and hvaing really meaningful conversations without distractions. Good luck 🙂


  2. Running or even walking in the beginning (that was me) is a fantastic choice! To me it made the rest easier. If I run I eat right, drink enough water etc automagically. To me establishing a running routine was the key to loose all the extra baggage I was carrying and to keep it away. The 5 k sounds so cool! Enjoy it 😊

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  3. Sharing your honest fears and emotions in general will attract many supporters as well as those following your current path. I would encourage you NOT to concern yourself with the SPEED of weight loss. Instead, I would FOCUS on the PROCESS needed to progress down a path of FUNCTIONAL improvement and psychological/emotional happiness. The TURTLE (from the story, “The Tortoise and the Hare”) ALWAYS wins the race.

    Consistency vs Complacency, Persistence vs. Acceptance, ACTIVE Achievement vs. PASSIVE Participation are just a few concepts that differentiate POSITIVE OUTCOMES from RECURRING FAILURE. Create your own list of motivating words and phrases and view them on a regular basis. They will help to inspire quality personal performance.

    Adding POSITIVE components (ex. exercise) to the PROCESS creates a more COMPLETE end result. The more components you SLOWLY and SUCCESSFULLY add to the equation, the happier you will be with the “END PRODUCT.” There will be plenty of “ups and downs” (both physically and mentally) along the way; recognize them as challenges to your character rather than impediments to success.

    Keep up the good work and continue expanding the boundaries you set. Just remember to take the appropriate time necessary to allow your brain and body to work TOGETHER to achieve the results you desire.

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    1. What timely advice! I believe my body is letting me know I have pushed too far, too fast and I was frustrated that I’m having to skip my morning walk. Thanks for reminding me that this journey is not something I can rush.

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